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I'm committed to taking you from stuck to thriving.... in all areas of you life!



Step 1:  Book A Call with Raksha
When you book your first call with me we will discover what your needs & challenges are to have you thrive.

Step 2: Join My Program
Join one of my programs and launch to your Path of Success, you'll uncover the blocks that are holding you back and get clarity on the steps you need to take to bring your vision to life.

Step 3:  Join my Elite Program
Where you'll have private access to coaching and training with me as we create your unique and personalized success plan.

Raksha is a Certified Master Coach trained in multiple modalities she combines the holistic and the analytical approach in her programs. Having studied under some of the best from Johns Maxwell and Dave Ramsey to Jeff Lerner and Grant Cardone and so many others in between and continues to add to her knowledge regularly.
She believes we all have a right to create the life of our dreams! After all, “Life is a serious business; the Art is not to take it seriously.”
She supports brilliant people who are frustrated, stuck and overwhelmed with everything that life throws at them; to get off the hamster wheel once and for all. Creating a Successful life requires having a vision, a plan and then the right person to support you to work that plan.  
Her vision is that every person on this planet is living in freedom, love, and abundance. Known as the Life Architect, building lives that work for everyone!

She chooses to work with non-profits globally to provide life and leadership skills much needed to succeed in today’s world.
Are you thinking of starting your business? Or you have a business, that needs revamping – come join me on this 60 journey where we Review, Revamp and Launch you to your success!
Debb Walker
Debb Walker Photography
I went to Raksha with questions about my LLC. She was the perfect solution for me, she is easy to work with and educates you so you can make an informed choice while she answers all your questions efficiently. I wish I had reached out to her sooner as she saved me so much time, energy and frustration. Raksha is a Rockstar! I highly recommend you connect with her RIGHT NOW! She has simple and easy solutions for you whether you need help getting your business set up correctly or someone to set up your business and maintain all the back-office functions you don’t know how to do OR don’t want to do because you would rather bring in the money.
Nancy Abramson  
Empowered with Nancy Abramson Coaching
I was getting ready to launch a group coaching program, and knew I had great content but wasn’t sure how to organize it into impactful segments.  Raksha provided clarity and explained the process of creating a great course. She taught me to understand the importance of sequence. She is committed to see her clients succeed. I now have great confidence in my upcoming program and will be using her services again.
Afrin Khan.
Red Elephant Inc.
Raksha has been a great help to Red Elephant! She has provided us with amazing assistance in our office, home and life. Before working with her, we had too many unfinished projects and we couldn't keep up with the work. She was able to identify what we needed and figure out solutions independently without disrupting our workflow. She went above and beyond while delivering her services to get us organized and supported. I am grateful for the value she has provided; I now have peace of mind!
The Currency of Networking 30 Days to leveraging your Networking, Marketing and Sales
No foreigner to adversity herself; she uses her experience in project management, efficiency strategist and finance-focused roles, to support individuals and business owners alike in creating customized processes, unique to their specific needs. Every person deserves success, and her mission is to ensure people are fully equipped to do just that, by providing structure, organization, and customizable systems that focus on protecting and building your assets, helping them to navigate even the roughest waters.
Raksha was born in Uganda, raised in London and is of Indian heritage, making it possible to bring the perfect blend of Eastern and Western methodologies to your life and business.  Raksha resides in Miami, FL.  She is a proud mother of two daughters and “Nani” to her grandbabies.

International Coach, Consultant & Speaker, 
Life, Leadership, Sales & Marketing Expert


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